Mortgage Company Abuse Lawyers With Offices In Augusta, Dublin And Statesboro

Mortgage Company Abuse Lawyers With Offices In Augusta, Dublin And Statesboro

It seems that the more our government does to protect homeowners against unethical behavior by mortgage companies and their representatives, the more creative mortgage companies become at breaking the rules. The ongoing changes that were intended to protect us have made the law nearly impossible to understand for people who do not deal in it every day.

In many cases, this can put homeowners at a severe disadvantage because they never gain a complete understanding of their rights. Mortgage lenders prey on homeowners’ lack of knowledge about the law and use it to charge bogus fees, collect interest on homeowners’ payments that they have no right to collect and sell the homeowner products with terms that serve their own interests rather than the homeowner’s. These may include but are not limited to attorney fees, inspection fees and the creation of suspense accounts.

Take Action To Protect Your Rights

At the law firm of Claeys, McElroy-Magruder & Kitchens, our Augusta mortgage company abuse attorneys are strong advocates for the rights of homeowners. We help people understand the terms of their security deeds and notes, and fight for those who have been the victims of unethical and illegal practices by mortgage lenders and their representatives.

We have successfully resolved many different types of mortgage abuse matters for our clients, including the following:

  • Imposing “miscellaneous” mortgage fees
  • Ordering unnecessary inspections or collecting BPO fees for inspections that were not performed
  • Assessing document preparation fees for minor changes, including name changes
  • Charging attorney fees when they are not entitled to collect these fees under state or bankruptcy law
  • Initiating a wrongful foreclosure

How Mortgage Companies Use Suspense Accounts To Charge You Extra Money

Some lenders and loan servicers will place mortgage payments in a suspense account and charge additional interest and late fees even though you made your payment on time. When you inquire about your payments, the mortgage company says you are delinquent or late. This leads to other bogus or unauthorized charges.

The only way to uncover this type of activity is to get a transaction history that shows exactly what was done with each of your payments once the bank received them. We can help you submit a Qualified Written Request and take the appropriate steps to recover any fees you were required to pay as a result of the improper posting of your payments. The lessons you learn while working with our firm will serve you long after you receive your discharge. Knowing how to submit a Qualified Written Request and read a transaction history can help you to become your own biggest advocate.

Experienced Wrongful Foreclosure Attorney With Offices In Augusta, Dublin And Statesboro

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